21 irrefutable laws of leadership workbook

I am reading this book with a group of AMAZING women from across the United States. We meet via Zoom or phone, bi-weekly. We discuss chapters and the workbook that accompanies this book. 

Unashamed explores SHAME and how it keeps us in bondage. Shame keeps you from growing or reaching your full potential. 

Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. 

The Litte Black Book Of Success 

Books, Books, & More Books

I think a movie came out late last year about the founder of McDonald's. This book has its story about the founder of Mcdonalds and the visionary who created the Mcdonalds we know today. One law that stands out to me is, not all manager and supervisors are leaders. This book has great stories that display great and not so great characteristic of various leaders. The workbook allows you to strengthen your leadership skills. 

Create The Life You Want 


I decided to go back to school and earn a 2nd Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. One of our assignments was to read a leadership book from the "approved" list.

I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to learn more about triumphs and trials of being a Black woman in corporate America. 

After a quick Google search, I discovered this beauty. Written by 3 African-American women for African American women. The book describes how the rules are a little different for Black women, yet there are workarounds.  

The Shack changed things for me. This book touches on the Trinity and the "Why" God allows "bad" things to happen. Although the book is fictional, is written well. The book reaffirms that God is with us at all times.


The Shack

God's Daily Promises  for Women 

The Alchemist 

As a young girl, I didn't like to read. One day my dad made me read a book because I said: "I didn't have anything to do." 

That was my first introduction to fictional books.  Eventually, I began to swap books with my best friend. We would read The BabySitters Club and other teen mysteries. 

As I grew, I began to read books written by Zane, E. Lynn Harris, and Walter Mosely. I briefly had a book club called "Faithfully Yours." 

Now I read books that grow my SOUL. I still swap books with girlfriends; now we send books via Amazon to each other's front door. 

I am sharing with you some of my favorite books. I hope they grow your SOUL as well. 

Each day I start my morning off by sitting in my prayer closet. While in my closet I read this book and my bible. I've had this book for years now. I read it all the way through year after year. Then I start over again. I get something new from it each time I read it. Each devotional appears to be just for me. The devotionals seem to be on time, each time I read it.  The question at the bottom of the page allows me to think and dig a little deeper. 

Some love this book, and others hate it. Some religious people shy away from this book because of, I'm not sure why they shy away from this book. 

I love God. However, I still enjoyed this book. A lot of people who promote prosperity or the power of words use content from the Bible.

I believe we should all seek God for ourselves to discover the truth and the way. At the end of the day when we allow God to be God, we end up exactly where we are supposed to be.