I love this habits and lifestyles workbook!!! There is a guide provided to make using it simple. You begin by tracking your current habits (financial, nutrition, physical, faith, and relationships) you list your goals, 5-year plan, etc. Then for about two months, you journal your habits throughout the day using the template. There are examples of healthier habits and motivational quotes throughout!!! Great concept!!! In my opinion writing down goals and keeping track of them, habits, etc. provides better results because you are reminded daily of what you are striving to improve.
-Sammi Chamae

Healthier Habits: THE WORKBOOK

Workbook Description:

​Creating a to-do-list, journaling your thoughts, and organizing your day are just some of the many tasks we all face. As liberated as we have become in our daily lives organization is necessary.

Stay-at-home parents or executives can all benefit from Creating Healthier Habits. Have I Created a Healthier Habit? Am I practicing the Healthier Habit daily? Habits & Lifestyles: Healthier Habits The Workbook is an unparalleled guide to creating, tracking, and adjusting Healthier Habits. The simple yet in-depth workbook is over 100 intentional pages which include journal space, to-do-list, and coloring pages. 

Our 60-Day Workbook is not your ordinary journal. We have over 100 pages that support; Self-Care, Self-Love, Creating The Life You Want, self- reflection, personalized journaling, and much more. 

Successful people know the importance of doing the work; they change their habits which change their lives. 

I use mine daily. Get yours today and start Creating The Life You Want!

​HABITS & LIFESTYLES: Healthier Habit-The Workbook TESTIMONIES

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