Create The Life You Want 

Hello Healthy People,

It is an honor to share with you Habits & Lifestyles. I founded Habits & Lifestyles because I decided to stop letting Life Live me and began Living Life.

Some would say that I overcame the odds. I grew up on the South Side of Phoenix in the 80’s (gangs were prevalent). I suffered from the emotional scars sexual abuse left on my soul. The abuse contributed to me becoming an emotional eater and self-destructive. My own lack of self-love contributed to the destruction of my marriage to my children’s father. The list of negatives in my life at the time could go on-and-on.

One day I sat down and began to self-reflect. I realized, not all areas of my life were bad. Some areas of my life were moving along with success, speed, and prosperity. These areas include being a conscious parent, earning my Master’s degree, and purchasing a home. What had I done different in these successful areas? I quickly landed on the answer. In these areas, I had been intentional with habits, planning, and preparing.

I decided to apply intentional habits, planning, and preparing to my life in all areas. It took time and there were highs and lows but, I DID it. I created the habit of making God my BEST friend. I created the habit of exercising and I lost over 100 pounds--and I’ve maintained the healthier weight for over 5 years. I created the habit of eating to fuel my body rather than to fill a void or escape. I created the habit of bettering myself through formal education. I enrolled in school and earned my undergrad then my graduate degree. I created the habit of saving money in order to purchase a home for my children and myself. I created the habit of giving my energy to “healthy” relationships, rather than pursuing relationships that were ultimately destructive or incompatible.

I created the habit of being intentional about my life and my future.
Simply put, I Created The Life I Wanted.

I share my life, the lows, and the highs, because I know what it feels like to feel
hopeless, lonely, and depressed. I promise, Life is meant to be LIVED!

Our workbook is intentional and designed for those that are willing to do the
work. We have over 60 pages that support; creating and keeping healthier habits,
self- reflection, self-love, self-care, personalized journaling, and so much more.

Keep going: something will change.  

Wishing you healthier Habits,

Chesa Mendez