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Plan & Prepare: the Workbook 

Just moved into my new place and I'm going crazy because I can't find an ink pen to write in my journal. I love my book!!! It's really easy to use; it holds you to be accountable to the progression of your own goals. Literally, I have become addicted to writing each day, and it makes life so much easier to stay focused on your own goals and path. Thank you, Chesa Mendez! I love looking back and being able to see progress(even my baby steps) and to get more insight on the direction of my journey.

-Jocelyn Somethang

Workbook Description:

​Creating a to-do-list, journaling your thoughts, and organizing your day are just some of the many tasks we all face. As liberated as we have become in our daily lives organization is necessary.

You may be in Los Angeles, New York; you may be a principal or a student, the same obstacles can occur: after I graduate, what’s next? Is it time for a career change? How do I start my own business? Habits & Lifestyles: Plan & Prepare The Workbook is an unparalleled guide to creating, planning, and preparing for your dreams. The simple yet in-depth workbook is over 100 intentional pages which include journal space, to-do-list, and coloring pages. 

Our Plan & Prepare Workbook is not your ordinary journal. Our workbook is intentional. We have over 100 pages that support; Self-Care, Self-Love, Creating The Life You Want, self- reflection, personalized journaling, and much more. 

Successful people know the importance of doing the work; they set goals, plan & preparing, and execute. 

I use mine daily. Get yours today and start Creating The Life You Want!

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